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June 15, 2012

Practically Speaking: 13 Reasons I Choose Kroger

If you're around me for a few conversations, you'll know I'm a die hard Kroger shopper.  Here's the short version why:

  1. Simple "ALT ID" at check out.  Silly enough, its a relief to merely punch in my phone number instead of digging for my loyalty card.  Plus, this is an easy method for everyone in our house to centralizing all our loyalty points, and cash in at the gas pump.
  2. Online, digital coupons that load to my loyalty card.  The only grocery store in my area that lets me pre-load digitally.  I keep my card loaded with items I might buy.  When I swipe my loyalty card, or enter my "ALT ID" at check out, these digital coupons are automatically calculated in my transaction.
  3. Straight-forward coupon policy.  I love a short list.  One of the best coupon options in the area.  Worth mastering.
  4. Generic of generic products.  I'm a deal-seeker, ya know, and I'm not afraid to buy generic.  Kroger has a high end, mid end, and low end generic products.  Remember when there used to be a "white aisle" of generic labeled items?  They now have generic white label options for most of their products.  Great option for savings when I'm not carrying coupons.
  5. Clearance labels brightly marked in ORANGE.  All clearance items are a bright orange label on the item, or a plain white tag if on the shelf.  Not only is it marked "clearance", but the original price and clearance price are both marked for comparison.  Some stores mark items as "clearance" that are a mere 10% marked down.  Not in my world!  Kroger clearance is at least 50% off. 
  6. Clearance section.  Not all locations have this feature, but mine does.  A whole clearance section is a great place to start my shopping!
  7. Sub-price.  All price tags, even sale tags, clearly show the price per ___ (ounce, pound, item, set, etc.).  This makes for quick, accurate price comparisons.
  8. Nicest clerks.  My favorite clerks and I have great conversations.  They still offer to help me to the car, and often I take them up on it.  They've been there for decades and still love their job.
  9. Convience.  Fortunately for me, there is a Kroger in my path nearly every direction I head.  Even better, most now have neighboring Kroger gas stations.  I believe in shopping conveniently to save time, money, effort, and energy.
  10. Fuel points.  We're frugal with our grocery purchases, and we still get a discount each time we pump up.  Hold on to your fuel points until you have maximized your savings.
  11. Shelves are always stocked.  There are a few unnamed chains in the area that cannot make this claim.  No names mentioned.  My drive for efficiency and limited interest in shopping makes this a high priority.
  12. Produce is excellent.  Again, not all chains can make this claim.  My Kroger can.
  13. Free treats for the kids.  Of course, the Krogering stickers.  Sometimes suckers.  I'm a sucker for freebies.

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