"I find myself wondering again and again what it would be like actually to live every moment of one's life with an awareness of God..." D. Allen

August 6, 2012

Reconnecting with Eyes Wide Open

Its been awhile.  One of those seasons when I look around and think, Has it only been a few weeks?  How many miles have been trod.  God can transform and move so much that my sense of time is disproportionate. 

What about you?  Where have you been journeying, traveling, or seeing God?  How has your relationship been transformed? 

Big eye openers in the last few weeks:

1. Parts of me have been dying to my true self; those little parts that I've given up.  God's breathing life back into them.  THANK GOD.

2. Learning to ask God to breathe life into my dead and dying parts. 

3. Dreaming bigger.  I'm shocked to see the ways I've let go of my dreams. 

4. Having the eyes to see the journey God is leading.  Seeing His fingerprints. 

5. Surprised to find I have little tolerance for unhealthy patterns.  Not sure if this is good.  Poor family; must be shocking. 

Are you changing?  How do you embrace change?

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