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June 8, 2012

Practically Speaking: Juggling 5 Areas of Eating Better

Approaching the table and eating well is a big undertaking.  The hours involved gathering supplies, the brain power invested in making solid plans, are challenging.  We all consider these challenges, no matter the number of mouths.

While I often find the process satisfying, it can also feel like the plan that never ends.  There's that nagging feeling knowing I could have done more, or done "better".  At best, I can only juggle three or four of these areas, but it has been a rare, single day--or hour!--when I could juggle them all.  

Give yourself space for this limitation, and take on only what you can do well.  Let me know short cuts that let you invest in these areas. On a normal day, how many areas can you juggle?  When do you reach your limit?  How do you find peace, and let enough be enough?
  1. Buying local produce: regularly visiting farmer markets, supporting local business (East TN farmer market directory here); eat seasonally.
  2. Buying organic: either some or all of your purchases are organic (economical tips here); remember the "Dirty Dozen".
  3. Buying in bulk: grain co-ops, Bulk Herb Store, Vitacost, or splitting warehouse purchases with friends.
  4. Grow your own: cheap, but requires sweat investment; takes creative alternative planning for small spaces (think vertical); minimal time investment.
  5. Cook from scratch: varying extremes, from making your own ketchup to making your own bread to making your own yogurt; control preservatives, sugar, and food colorings that are in your food.

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