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January 3, 2012

Book Review: Simplify Your Holidays, Marcia Ramsland

While the last 8 weeks of holiday season are fresh in your memory, check out Simplify Your Holidays, by Marcia Ramsland. Find it on amazon.com for as little as $3.65, used. This system helps me remember details from year to year, plus offers flexible templates and customized plans. A bit of feedback:

AUTHOR: Ramsland is my home-making hero. I re-read her books for focused simplifying and practical organizing. Her website is helpful and streamlined.

FORMAT: Impractical because this is an odd, medium-sized, 3-ring binder. The rings in the original binding were quickly broken. Transferring the contents to my large, holiday binder was an easy solution. This lets me easily slip lists, copied templates, and annual updates into the binder chapters.

CONTENT: The thoughts are practical and simple to use. The templates are worth the price of the book, as there are four separate organization plans from which to choose. Pick what works for you this year, and you still have a solid game plan. Focusing your holiday vision into practical terms is a true life-saver.

MY FAVORITE: The templates! Can be copied, scanned, or edited. 

THE CATCH: The binding bugs me! Impractical.

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