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January 8, 2014

Living in the Now: Epiphany

On the 13th day of Christmas, we celebrate Epiphany.  This is a sweet holiday for me, and the "rest of us" coming to the Light. 

It's also the day we take down our Christmas decorations, which have only been up since Christmas Eve.  How does anyone keep theirs up for the whole month of December?  Or even since THANKSGIVING?  Boy, I was already tired of Christmas. 

Returning to normal is such a relief, even if that requires defining a new normal in the new year.  When does this happen for you?

I hope it is not too irreverent, but we also have a traditional Epiphany meal of chicken curry.  It seems possible that the wise men might have liked their curry, and a little heat in the dead of winter goes a long way.  This is usually a shared dish with our Epiphany practicing family, with prayers for the new year, but this year we were all home bound with severe cold weather.  

How is your new chapter beginning this year? 

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