"I find myself wondering again and again what it would be like actually to live every moment of one's life with an awareness of God..." D. Allen

February 15, 2012

Living in the Now: The Problem with Community

Chewing on this one, so feel free to leave your two cents. I'm hearing a theme I never noticed. Being good, peculiar folk, some of my circles are deepening the practice of living well in community with others. Any sort of relationship, from your intimate family to the random person in the grocery aisle. How do we love well? 

This sneaky little temptation to fix them sometimes comes to play. Often, just lending a listening ear leads to helpless grieving, since the more you listen the more you bear their burden with them. Speaking too quickly or offering general advice can be downright offensive. Personal brisk pace and weariness can build a barrier to intimacy because I've left no room to experience your journey with you. It just can't be endured. There is a frailty that comes in extending compassion, in loving well, in being together, in living in community. What's a neighbor to do?


  1. I have often wondered about these questions myself--thanks,Emily, for your thoughts--from one who is still thinking, trying and struggling in community:)The book "For the Family's Sake" by Susan Macaulay has helped me along the way. Terri

  2. Terri, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Will look for the book. I recognize the title!