"I find myself wondering again and again what it would be like actually to live every moment of one's life with an awareness of God..." D. Allen

March 2, 2012

Practically Speaking: Morning Rhythms

Confession: I'm a coffee-holic (shocking, I know). I have an espresso machine (Krupps 865), standard coffee machine, two french presses, one stove top coffee maker, instant Starbucks coffee (just in case), and can make a mean cup of drip coffee through a funnel. When camping, I'm as careful to plan my morning coffee routine as I am to pack my tent. Secretly, I scorn those who cannot man up enough to drink coffee strong and straight up black. Coffee is serious business. I've never given up coffee for Lent, and 2012 is not the year either.

All this nerdy confession points to the sweet bit of Sabbath I've found along the way. In my world, recovering from a heavy night of sleep requires a moment of numb, motionless rest first thing out of bed. If I'm not careful, I get stuck in this moment. 

In my early morning weakness, I'm learning to have my coffee machine pre-measured and raring to go in the morning. Slothing through the kitchen generally requires a mere flip of the switch, relieving the stress of decision making. Who knew that planning ahead--even laying out my favorite coffee mug--gives me a moment of relief first thing in the morning? Watching that dark drip reminds me of God's provision, how His love pours and provides and energizes. That's usually a deep enough thought to begin the day.

And, if I pair coffee and scripture, I'm more likely to begin my day with total refreshment, without sacrificing either, or adding to any stress. My mini-Sabbath is doubly refreshing and centering. What's your morning rhythm?


  1. oh amazing Emily!
    my week willed moment is the first light snuggle, i must have this. With this I can survive the lack of even coffee. I supposed it amounts to that blissful warm and safe feeling, like I am in His Hands.

    1. I get it! Seems like if I can make time for a cup of joe, I can make time to be in His presence before the day begins.