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March 19, 2012

Book Review: The Bishop of Rwanda

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Easier not to read, but if you can summon the courage, the truth will gobsmack you right where you stand.  In 1994, at least 1,117,000 innocent Rwandans were murdered by their neighbors.  This account journeys the severe struggles of suffering, forgiveness, reconciliation, and the true heart of God.  Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana introduces, "It is my intention to show you this miracle--the miracle of God in Rwanda." 

This account has transformed my heart, finding the God Who is there (Rwanda) is the God Who is now here.  His heart towards those He loves is the same: a passionate Father, desiring truth, Giver of life, and Author of redemption.  

Bishop John's account begins with historical background, an overview of the events surrounding 1994, and centers strongly on reconciliation efforts.  His work was bestowed with the 2009 William Wilberforce Award.
This balance of perspective grants sharp clarity in your walk with God. 

"Rwanda as a nation sought God because it was desperate," Bishop John concludes, "and God answered because He is a loving God.  That is what is behind our healing and the power of our reconciliation, and it is available to the entire world.  The God who is healing and blessing Rwanda wants to heal and bless the entire world if it will but call upon Him."

"I fell in love with this country," Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, reflects on his numerous journeys to Rwanda, "I prayed, 'Lord, help me find out what You are blessing and help me get in on it.'  I think God is blessing Rwanda."

Follow this journey, and your mind and heart and soul will never be the same.

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