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February 27, 2012

Book Review: Family Celebration at Easter, Ann Hibbard

Practical, approachable, and applicable for family devotions, this simple book is a great guide through the Lenten and Easter seasons. Used copies of Family Celebrations at Easter are selling on amazon.com for as little as a penny. Best used with children kindergarten aged and older, this devotion guides the family with a biblical based gospel. 

Each day holds a short story, reading of a biblical passage, several family discussion questions, a prayer, a hymn (arrangement is included in the back of the book), and further study ideas. To help the whole family remember the journey through the season, an appropriate symbol represents that day's passage. These symbol patterns can be scanned from the book for coloring. Other mediums can be used (felt, ornament-style for an Easter tree, collection of items from around the house, etc.). 

I appreciate that these symbols begin with a clear understanding of our need for a Savior, and then shows how God sent a Savior. Also included is specific information and a guide for celebrating Passover, or Sedar.

Overall, this is a very user friendly book for the whole family to use year after year. Having been raised on this series, and now raising my son with these symbols, I greatly treasure the accessibility, truth, and joy of God's Word.

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